The best perm
process in which someone’s hair is curled and treated with chemicals so that it remains curly for a long time
Perms: Is a Perm for You? How to get the perfect perm. Perms have come a long way since the 80s
One of the basic things you need to know about perms is that they won’t look very good if your hair has sustained serious damage. If it’s bleached or dried out, the curls won’t curl as much as and the extra round of chemicals won’t help your hair look any healthier either! Furthermore, double processing might even cause your ends to turn so brittle that they’ll start falling off on their own! The solution? Consult a stylist before you decide to get your hair permed or try this simple test at home. Pluck one hair and lower it into a bowl of water. If it continues to float on the surface, you can consider your hair healthy enough for experiments; if it sinks, that means the hair is too porous and will probably turn and dry after a chemical treatment such as this one.

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